The Mysterious Watcher

A mysterious man has suddenly appeared to you in the middle of the night, he is staring at you. You wipe your eyes and pinch yourself at first you thought you were dreaming; you wonder where did this man come from? You rush to the switch to turn the lights on in your bedroom but lights don’t turn on, you take step back, and again another look… you think to yourself I can’t stop starring at him then things start to slow down, you take a closer look and you wonder what could it be…

Here we have a dark picture of a man’s face that appears to be lite by a single candlelight. If you look even closer, you will notice that this mysterious man is smiling at you.

This is called the archaic smile and was used by sculptures of ancient Greece around the 6th-century B.C.E to suggest that their subjects were alive.

The Joker

He is looking at himself in the mirror he raises his unibrow his eyes pop out and the corners of his mouth rise. He takes a deep breath and starts screaming because he has never seen his reflection before. He’s more confused than anything else, he doesn't know how to react, he starts laughing and screaming then laughing and then screaming as he inhales and exhales rapidly.

This is an ancient comical or tragical statue bust that has turned slightly yellow over the many years. By darkening the surrounding negative space, the subjects facial characteristics have been brought out more.

Comedy and Tragedy masks were worn in ancient Greece around the 5th Century B.C.E.

Ancient Nudity

Only whatever pieces remained of him could be pieced back together he has no arms they got lost or destroyed having been sculpted over two and a half thousand years ago. But although sculpted so long ago the amount of attention to detail that was done to the backside of the statue remains and is a fascinating sight to see throughout the ages.

Ancient Greek sculptures believed that nudity allowed them to show the character of a subject more accurately without the disguise of clothing. It was also an important aspect of Greek civilization and men were frequently nude when competing in Olympic games.

The spotlight is on him a lean and well-defined body with warm sexual undertones and a sense of ideal nudity.

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